John & Lindsay Bonacci

Team Leaders of Bonalife Homes

John and Lindsay founded Bonalife Homes w/ Keller Williams, in August of 2017. The two met through mutual peers in the real estate industry and got married a few years later. They love to travel together and enjoy life in Austin with their three dogs Sammy, Rainey and Birdie.

John says that if he had to identify as a local Austin spot, it would be Vince Young Steakhouse. “It’s classy, quality, competitive, full of charisma, and just plain badass”.

Lindsay says her spot is Mount Bonnell. “It takes hard work and commitment to make it to the top, much like it does in real estate, but once you set your mind to it and make it up there, the view is SO worth it!

REALTOR® Central Metro Realty, Austin TX

Bernaddette Schepperly

Bernie joined Bonalife Homes in March of 2019. Bernaddette was initially interested in real estate for investment opportunities but her time at Bonalife has given her more than just that!

Real estate has become her second family, her freedom, and a breath of fresh air. Outside of the office, Bernie loves running, yoga, cooking and she is a Swiftie at heart.

If Bernaddette could be one spot in Austin, she would be Summer Moon Coffee. “From the comfort it brings, from the chill vibes and delicious coffee, to the authentic Austin feel, Summer Moon is everything good in this world in one coffee shop!”

REALTOR® Central Metro Realty, Austin TX

Aaron Washington

Aaron joined Bonalife Homes in November of 2019. Aaron was initially interested in real estate after reading books about investing after his military service to the United States Armed Forces concluded.

Aaron loves that Bonalife Homes feels like more than a team, a true family. Aaron enjoys going to the gym to lift weights and has recently fell in love with golf. Aaron says it’s “because he loves a good challenge”. His favorite place to go around Austin is Butler Pitch & Putt, located downtown.

If Aaron could be one spot in Austin, he would be the F1 track, Circuit of the Americas. “It’s one of the biggest events in Austin and brings in people from all over the world!”

REALTOR® Central Metro Realty, Austin TX

Gabriela Duran

Gabriela joined Bonalife Homes in November of 2020. As a mother of 3 and respected community influencer, Gaby decided to pursue her dreams of helping local bilingual families achieve their real estate goals.

Gaby loves that being a part of Bonalife Homes means being able to have people who not only support you, but encourage you on your real estate journey, and celebrate each other’s successes.. When you need help, you have someone you can lean on and brainstorm with.

Gaby’s passions are bring a Mom and follower of Christ. In her words, her 3 beautiful children have shown her what life is all about. Gaby also loves getting lost in a good book. If she could be one spot in Austin, she would be Mission Christiana Maranatha. “It’s the Church my parents founded here in Austin about 25 years ago. It’s where I learned how to love the city and the people. It’s also where I’ve spent the majority of my life, from a child falling asleep on the stairs, to a place my kids call their home Church.”

REALTOR® Central Metro Realty, Austin TX

Chris Estrada

Chris has been a part of Bonalife Homes since 2018. Chris enjoys the family feel of the team and loves being a realtor! He has a love for art, and also loves to fish for largemouth bass.

His family lives in northeast Austin and he tries to enjoy each day a bit different from the last. Chris says that he would identify as Chuy’s if he had to choose an Austin local business.

“Chuy’s is always fun and the scenery is different all around – I like to think that i relate to how different it is. You go there to have a good time, and it reminds me of how I’m the friend that will put a smile on your face!”

REALTOR® Central Metro Realty, Austin TX

Lauren Denbow

Lauren joined Bonalife Homes in May of 2021. After finding success in both telecommunications and fitness industries, she decided to take her talents to the real estate industry! She’s been in sales for her entire career and has always had a love for architecture, so it was a natural progression!

Lauren loves the team’s atmosphere, that everyone is helpful, and pursues similar goals. Lauren loves hiking all the awesome Austin trails, visiting farmer’s markets & antique stores, powerlifting and painting.

If Lauren could be one spot in Austin, she would be Barton Springs.

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