John & Lindsay Bonacci

Founders of Bonalife Homes

John and Lindsay founded Bonalife Homes back in August of 2017 and haven’t looked back since. The two met through mutual peers in the real estate industry and got married a few years later. They love to travel together and enjoy life in Austin with their three dogs Sammy, Rainey and Birdie.

John says that if he had to identify as a local Austin spot, it would be Vince Young Steakhouse. “It’s classy, quality, competitive, full of charisma, and just plain badass”.

Lindsay says her spot is Mount Bonnell. “It takes hard work and commitment to make it to the top, much like it does in real estate, but once you set your mind to it and make it up there, the view is SO worth it!


Bernaddette Schepperly

Bernie joined Bonalife Homes in March of 2019. She was initially interested in real estate for investment opportunities but her time at Bonalife has given her more than just that!

Real estate has become her second family, her freedom, and a breath of fresh air. Outside of the office, she loves running, yoga, cooking and she is a Swiftie at heart.

If she could be one spot in Austin, she would be Summer Moon Coffee. “From the comfort it brings, from the chill vibes and delicious coffee, to the authentic Austin feel, Summer Moon is everything good in this world in one coffee shop!”


Lauren Douglas

Lauren started at Bonalife Homes in March of this year and hasn’t looked back since! She is a third generation realtor, and loves the loyalty and support that all the other agents bring to the group.

The ability to help people find their dream home and achieve the goals of being a homeowner is very rewarding, she says, and loves to share that process with her clients!

Outside of real estate, she spends time with her mother and grandmother while enjoying hiking and happy hours with her girlfriends! She says that her favorite local Austin spot would have to be Walnut Creek Park. “I can get lost there for hours and I love taking my dog to explore!”


Chris Estrada

Chris has been a part of Bonalife Homes since 2018. He enjoys the family feel of the team and loves being a realtor! He has a love for art, and also loves to fish for largemouth bass.

His family lives in northeast Austin and he tries to enjoy each day a bit different from the last. He says that he would identify as Chuy’s if he had to choose an Austin local business.

“Chuy’s is always fun and the scenery is different all around – I like to think that i relate to how different it is. You go there to have a good time, and it reminds me of how I’m the friend that will put a smile on your face!”


Gyles Sonier

Gyles started at Bonalife Homes in July 2019. His favorite part about working for the group is being challenged by the all-stars on the team. His favorite part is interacting with people face to face. Getting to know someone’s dreams and goals, and how it drives them, helps him ensure that he secures their dream home.

Aside from closing on listings, he considers himself a human encyclopedia for all things pop culture, sports, and history/politics! He loves to buy and listen to vinyl records, read novels and talk to others about what movies and shows have changed their lives.

If he had to identify as a local Austin spot, it would be Hole in the Wall, near UT’s campus. “As a UT Communications undergrad student, it was a refuge. Like myself, is is always there for you, it is honey, and it has just the right amount of playfulness and grit.”