So Aaron, you’ve traveled the world in service to our country in the US Marine Corps. Now you’re landing homes for families in Austin instead of landing submarines. What are your hobbies besides all this fun stuff?

Going to the gym and working out. Playing golf. Reading books. Spending time with family.

What are your favorite foods?

I’m a Big sweet guy. Pancakes are my most favorite thing ever. Pancakes and seafood that’s really it.

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Favorite areas around Austin?

Round Rock, cause that’s where I graduated and where my friends and some of my family are. Cedar Park, cause that’s where I currently live and I love how close it is to everything. Central for everywhere I need to go.

Bucket list trip?

Switzerland, that’d be dope. Rome, Italy. Canada. All places I haven’t been and places I’ve always wanted to go. Especially Italy. I’m very into the Spartans and warriors, it’s interesting to me.

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Actual photo of Aaron, Halloween 2019

How did you get into real estate?

Indeed! I put my resume out on Indeed and Bonalife picked me up. Fell in love with it.

Favorite part of being a realtor?

The different types of people I meet and the amount of people I meet. Getting to see nice homes – it opens my eyes. And of course getting families into their homes, always good to see. Feels like I’ve contributed in some way.

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How has being in the military translated over to selling real estate?

It’s made me versatile and relatable to everyone I meet. Made me more open and comfortable initiating getting to know someone.

What most separates you as a real estate professional than other agents?

I really care about the people I come into contact with. I care to get to know em’, their background, their family. Makes me feel like I’m making a friend.

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Describe real estate you’d dream of owning?

Modern contemporary home. All black. Lots of windows. On top of a hill.

What music is playing in there?

It’s gonna be Trophies by Drake.

What has becoming an agent with Bonalife Homes done for you?

Alot. I guess it’s changed the amount of income I can make for myself in a year. I’m not having to work a 9 to 5. I really just hustle hard and it comes around. My mindset. I’ve really wrapped my head around how our team works. And the friendship – the friendships and bonds on the team that you make.

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What’s next for Aaron Washington that we should all look out for?

Buying more real estate. That’s what I want to do next. Not just a primary home. But invest in real estate. That’ll be the next big thing I do.

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