Meet Bernaddette: Bonalife Homes’ New Construction Queen

So Bernaddette, you’ve gotten quite the reputation around town for helping families purchase new construction homes all over greater Austin. What are your hobbies besides negotiating killer new construction deals for Austin families? I Love running. I Love cooking. And I love to hangout with my friends or happy hour. Favorite foods? I love pasta. And potatoes. And literally carbs. Give me all the carbs all the time. My favorite foods to eat. I could eat pasta everyday. Uchiko is my favorite restaurant, you can’t get that kinda sushi anywhere else. Uchi and Uchiko, easy question.

Favorite areas around Austin? Love SoCo. Love the Lake Austin, town lake area. I think that’s my favorite. I lived south for a long time so south is definitely where I like to hangout and do things.

Bucket list trip? Definitely Hawaii. I’ve wanted to go forever and so thankful to be doing so this month. It’s something I’ve waited on and so excited to do it – it’s a very big deal for me. It’s always where I’ve wanted to experience and go. What experience would speak to you? For whatever reason…I grew up poor, no money no housing…I don’t know it’s the movies or tv I watched, but I always associated waterfalls with something I’d never experience. For me hiking to a waterfall would mean so much to me – I never saw those kind of things happening for me. I know it’s weird because you can do so many things in Hawaii, but I’m excited to hike and see the waterfalls. When I was little, I just envisioned successful people and waterfalls and vacations.

How did you get into real estate? I got into real estate because of a past relationship. But what pushed me truly into the industry has been the team aspect with Bonalife Homes. I had big hopes and big dreams and the reason I started real estate is because I wanted to make mine and others dreams come true – giving me a handle on my own life and still being able to help people.

Favorite part of being a realtor? You can be selfish because you make your own schedule and selfless because you help others, ya know? I think this balance is engrained in us as humans – I get to be with all types of people, by myself at other times – there’s infinite opportunity in this industry – you see all sides of society.

What most separates you as a real estate professional than other agents? Honestly I think it’s my one efficiency, ability to build relationships with people around me and my commitment to my clients. I don’t care about your budget, I’m gonna dress up for you, care about you, fight for you, and I’m not sure everyone in our profession practices that same level of commitment and values.

Describe real estate you’d dream of owning? I would say I’m 100% city girl – my favorite place on the planet is NYC. If I could be heart and center of NYC, Central Park, like right in my yard, that would be the dream of dreams – I’d have a heart attack. It’s literally my favorite place ever.

What music is playing in there? Definitely Taylor Swift, she lived there for a long time. I’m very enchanted by her New York inspired music. Really in any situation I’m listening to TS – that is my girl, gotta keep it loyal

What has becoming a top agent with Bonalife Homes done for you? Being a top agent…it has educated me, made me feel successful, very proud of myself. I feel like I’ve gained a family. I love you guys. I’m loyal to Bonalife Homes. You’ve had my back throughout it all.

What’s next for Bernaddette Schepperly that we should all look out for? For a long time I’ve fought for happiness, and I don’t have any intention of slowing down, stopping or quitting. You’re gonna see persistence and continuation and a life of happiness and success whether it be at work or with those around me.

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