Meet Chris Estrada

Meet Chris Estrada! After growing up outside of Austin in Hutto, he has successfully found his calling in the real estate industry at the impressive age of 22. He has been at part of Bonalife Homes since August of 2018 and is one of the original members on the team. Chris’ favorite part about working for Bonalife Homes and coming to work everyday is the drive and family feel that comes along with it.

The Beginning of Bonalife Homes

Joining Real Estate

Chris was motivated to get into the real estate industry after coming up with his ten year plan. Deciding real estate was the beginning of this plan, he obtained his realtor’s license shortly after. Working with an array of clients for both Bonalife Homes and Las Casas BonaVida (Spanish speaking realtor subsidiary), he is determined to work for clients like no other agent will.

This past weekend, Chris knocked out 2 closings for the first week of August! On August 1st and 2nd, Chris helped Moises and Yoadan close on their dream homes here in Central Texas! Let’s learn a little bit more about his clients:

Moises Closes on a Barndominium

Chris met Moises through a referral. One of the sellers that Chris worked with a while back sent over Moises’ contact info. Moises got fully approved right away! He was looking for a lot with a house, and didn’t care about any renovations that would need to be done since he can do it himself. Finding land around Austin with his budget was a bit tough, but they were able to find a 5-acre piece of land with a barndominium in Elgin!

Once under contract, there was a small speed bump because the appraiser had listed the structure on the land as a house and not a barndominium. Because of this, Moises had to push out closing on the home for two weeks, but nevertheless, the deal closed and won a multiple offer situation!

Beautiful Barndominium in Elgin, Texas


Yoadan had worked with Bonalife Homes before, but this time he was interested in purchasing an investment property to rent out. Chris and Yoadan went out one weekend and found a couple of houses, but after switching lenders, they had to wait a little bit longer to put a deal in and lost almost all of the houses that were on their list. After waiting, one house came onto the market that Yoadan loved, and they put it under contract after it was on the market for less than 24 hours. They put in the deal for under listing price, but told the seller agent that they were not going to request for any repairs or assistance with closing costs. 

Both of these clients from this weekend’s past transactions were Spanish speaking, which is a group that Chris loves helping out. It requires a little bit more work, since contracts and documents have to be translated from English to Spanish, but Chris doesn’t mind.

“I like working with Spanish speakers since I am bilingual, and I get to represent a group that is sometimes underrepresented, and I get to do it to the best of my abilities”. Chris has truly been a force of nature here at Bonalife Homes, and we can’t wait to see all the contracts he closes in his next year through Bonalife Homes and Las Casas BonaVida.

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